To assure the product finishing quality in accordance with customer´s requirements and related standards the inspection activity includes the check of thickness of the deposited layer on products and product appearance.

To check thickness of the deposited layer the following equipment is used:

table-type X-ray fluorescent measuring instrument FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY, which is able also to identify, in addition to the value of thickness, the percentage ratio of Zn and Ni in the deposited ZnNi alloy layer;
mobile digital thickness gauges FISCHER and/or magnetic thickness gauges MIKROTEST.
The instruments are subjected to regular calibration in order to keep parameters of the mentioned instruments in such conditions that are suitable for inspection activities.

Corrosion chamber

To increase the inspection level and improve the quality of galvanized products the company bought a corrosion chamber in 2010. It is utilized to execute operation tests of corrosion resistance of products in a calibrated environment specified beforehand in accordance with STN and EN standards.

Producer: Gebr. LIEBISCH GmbH, SRN
Type: SKB 1000 A-TR

Performed types of tests:
- preset tests: condensation test, corrosion test in salt mist, cyclic test
- possibility to select individual programs according to specific requirements of a customer

Calibration of thermometers is executed by the company of LABIMEX CZ s.r.o. (Ltd.)

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