In 2011 our company decided to implement the environment management system in accordance with ISO 14001 and the occupational safety and health protection management system in accordance with ISO 18001 in order to improve the level of the environment protection and the occupational safety and health protection. From 2000 we have implemented in our company the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.

The company´s top management has defined the Environmental Policy and Occupational Safety and Health Protection Policy and set the goals for a future period and programs to fulfil those goals in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the company and to ensure the maintenance of the implemented integrated management system.

In consideration of sizes of our galvanizing bathes and scope of our activities our company falls under the act on integrated prevention and inspection of the environment pollution (No. 245/2003 Coll.). The Slovak Environment Inspection Body, division of Integrated Pollution Prevention and Inspection (Slovak abbreviation IPKZ), Bratislava, has issued permits allowing us to execute our activities. Permits for operation and changes thereof, which have been issued by IPKZ, are published at:

Our company communicates to the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute the data on quantities of all pollutants specified in the list to the executive Directive in accordance with the Act No. 205/2004 Coll. on collecting, holding and spreading the environment information as amended and in accordance with requirements of the European Parliament and Council Directive No. 166/2006. Those data are published in the National Pollution Register.

To communicate with public our company has established so called "green line". +421(0)37-783 3110. The Environment Manager is available on this line during our working hours to respond to questions of public regarding the environment protection and inspection performed by our company.



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